Introducing v1.13 and the Report Service

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 |

Today we’re announcing the next version of the DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) API, v1.13. The main highlight of this release is the new report service, which allows you to to generate and retrieve reports.

Reporting Comes to the Web Services

The report service brings the ability to generate reports from predefined queries, check on them periodically to see when they have finished being compiled, and retrieve a URL where you can download the completed report. You can’t create a query through the DFA API, instead you must use the website interface or the Java DART API. A query only has to be created and saved through these tools once, and then you can generate reports from your query via the DFA API for as long as it remains useful. Please see the updated DFA API vs Java DART API page for direction on how to migrate to the new service.

Reminder About Sunset of v1.11

As previously announced, v1.11 will be removed from service on April 16th, 2011. Be sure to migrate any applications currently using v1.11 to one of the two supported versions by this time.

Sunset of v1.12 in Early July

With this release we are announcing the planned end of v1.12 far in advance of its early July sunset date. Please use this time window to make arrangements for migrating any v1.12 implementations before it is retired. Support for v1.12 will continue for the standard length of time; we are merely announcing the end earlier to give you more time to prepare.

Complete Release Notes

With the release of v1.13, we have updated our release notes page to give you a more in-depth breakdown of what has changed since the previous version. Please refer to this page when upgrading your applications.

Adding reporting functionality to the web services has been a highly anticipated feature. Please bring any feedback or questions you may have about both the report service and the release to our forum.

– Joseph DiLallo, the DFA API Team