Announcing the Java Client Library and Updated Resources

Monday, September 26, 2011 |

We've added a third client library for use by DFA developers, this time in Java! The library is an early release that takes advantage of a new framework for client libraries supporting our ads APIs.

Some features of the DFA library and the new framework include:
  • Distributed via Maven

  • Requests and SOAP messages are logged using the SLF4J logging facade, allowing you to plug in the logging framework of your choice

  • Automatic handling of SOAP headers

  • Easy management of credentials, authentication, and session information

You can read more about the Java client library and download an example project utilizing it on its Google Code site.

In addition to launching this new client library, we have also updated our existing developer resources. The Python and .NET client libraries now support v1.15. The Ruby and PHP standalone examples have been updated for v1.15 and both now have ten additional examples. The standalone Java examples have been retired in favor of the Java client library and will no longer be updated with each release.

Your concerns and questions are always welcome on our forum. We are especially interested in hearing any feedback you have about the new client library.

, the DFA API Team