Managing clickTags through the API

Friday, September 16, 2011 |

The DFA platform supports many different types of creatives including those that utilize Flash. Flash In-Page Creatives have many unique features and settings including the ability to set multiple exit points for your Flash assets, which the platform refers to as “clickTags.”

Through the API, you can set clickTags when you are creating or modifying a FlashInpageCreative object. The aptly-named field “clickTags” contains an array of FlashClickTag objects. Each FlashClickTag object represents one unique exit point from your creative, so if you have multiple exit points, you’ll need multiple objects.

The fields within the FlashClickTag warrant a closer look as to what they represent: the API’s "name" and “value” fields correspond to the website interface's "clickTag name" and "Click-Through URL" fields, respectively. You should place a full string representation of a web address in the value field. The following Java code provides an example of updating a FlashInpageCreative’s clickTags:

FlashInpageCreative flashInpage = (FlashInpageCreative) creativeService.getCreative(creativeId);

FlashClickTag exitOne = new FlashClickTag();
FlashClickTag exitTwo = new FlashClickTag();

flashInpage.setClickTags(new FlashClickTag[] {exitOne, exitTwo});
CreativeSaveResult saveResult = creativeService.saveCreative(flashInpage, campaignId);

If you do not have clickTags set for your creative, even if the underlying Flash asset utilizes multiple exit points, then ads that display this creative will redirect clicks to the click-through URL set in the CreativeAssignment associating the creative with the ad. Flash creatives which do have clickTags set cannot be overridden at the ad level. If the ability to override creative exits at the ad level is appealing to you, consider investigating Rich Media creatives which support this feature. You can find some additional information in this help center article, which explains the priorities given to clickTags and click-through URLs set at the creative and ad levels.

If anything about this process is still unclear, please bring your questions to our forum.

, the DFA API Team