Introducing DFA API v1.15

Monday, September 12, 2011 |

A new version of the DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) API has arrived: v1.15. This release focuses on fixing some bugs that were present in the API. Some of the fixes included in v1.15 are:

  • Placement End Date Validation - As previously mentioned on our forum, both campaign and placement end dates always use midnight in the Eastern Time Zone as their ending time. When saving a placement, the placement’s end date was checked against its campaign’s end date before the time of day was converted. This resulted in the API erroneously informing users in certain time zones that their placement end dates were past the end dates of their campaign. Placement end dates will now be converted before they are validated.

  • “getAssignedCreativeGroupsToCreative” operation - This operation, located in the creative service, was never returning results. It will now do so.

  • Clearing Remarketing Lists - Users were able to set and modify Remarketing lists targeting via the userListExpression field of a targetable ad through the API, but it was not possible to clear them once one had been set. You may now clear these lists.

Deprecation of v1.13

The version from two releases ago, v1.13, is now considered to be deprecated. As previously announced, v1.13 will be removed from service on October 1st, 2011. Be sure to migrate any applications currently using v1.13 by this time. Consider it an opportunity to move to v1.15!

Sunset of v1.14 in Early January

With this release we are announcing the planned end of v1.14 far in advance of its early January sunset date. Please use this time window to make arrangements for migrating any v1.14 implementations before it is retired.

We have updated our release notes page to reflect the addition of v1.15. Please bring any feedback or questions you may have to our forum.

, the DFA API Team